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Ireland: hot spot for American retailers


Ireland: hot spot for American retailers

10 Mar 2014

According to a report from property consultants CBRE, Ireland is the 10th most popular location for American

retailers, with brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister leading the move.

"American retailers have the most extensive large-scale expansion plans with almost half (47 percent) of retailers surveyed looking to open more than 40 stores in 2014," says CBRE.

CBRE's director for cross- border retail in EMEA David Close commented for the 'Irish Independent' that "As well as focusing on their home markets, American retailers in 2014 are increasing looking beyond their domestic borders. Several major US retailers have been active across Europe in recent years. These brands realise that they cannot expand indefinitely in a competitive domestic market and that international growth is an imperative.

"With consumer confidence returning across many markets in Europe, North American retailers feel that this is the right time to capitalise on a largely untapped growth potential. US retailers are progressively developing their store networks and global offering -- this trend will continue to grow and diversify in 2014 and beyond," added Close.