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Knightsbridge boutique targeted by thieves

28 May 2014

A gang of thieves has stolen 150,000 pounds of designer handbags from a boutique in London's Knightsbridge.

The gang stormed the Designer Exchange in daylight and made off with a selection of goods described by the shop's CEO Dominic Durante as "one of the finest Hermès collections of Birkin and Kelly handbags that were available to buy in a single store, probably in the world".

In a statement Durante said: "We and all the other stores in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea can continue to put up barriers to protect our staff, customers and goods, hire security guards and install locked, bullet-proof cabinets. We can continue to expect desperate people to take what they can't afford or take advantage of opportunities that currently are so available."

"Or we could think outside the box and tell retailers to open their doors and feel free to allow the world to see, touch and buy freely without risk because everyone knows that the police are outside to ensure law and order."

Designer Exchange