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La Redoute teams up with ChannelAdvisor for international expansion

7 Jan 2014

French online and catalogue retailer La Redoute is using 

ChannelAdvisor to aid its expansion and to sell its products internationally through Amazon and eBay.

By using ChannelAdvisor’s Marketplaces solution to sell its products internationally, La Redoute can expand its offering to American consumers without the need for an existing presence or sales infrastructure in the region. The French fashion and homewares retailer will be able to fulfil sales from France, while benefitting from the exposure into the US market through Amazon’s and eBay’s established audiences.

“International expansion is a top priority for many retailers as it offers a great way to reap the rewards of new markets,” said Karl Hoquante, director of international development at La Redoute. “It presents La Redoute with an opportunity to reach new audiences easily, using ChannelAdvisor to become more flexible in our cross-border operations, while maintaining a strong presence in France and internationally”.

Zoe Ripley, marketing director, EMEA at ChannelAdvisor, added: “La Redoute’s expansion to the US demonstrates how e-commerce is removing the traditional barriers to cross-border trade – taking away the complexity of geographical boundaries, time zones and channels, while opening up lucrative markets.

“This agile approach to e-commerce market entry allows retailers to reach greater audiences and minimises risk by using the existing infrastructure afforded by ChannelAdvisor, Amazon and eBay. It allows better alignment between costs and revenues and provides a stepping stone to greater localisation.”

Established in 1928 in France as a mail order company, La Redoute is the number one online fashion retailer in France, with an international presence across 17 countries and 18 million customers worldwide.