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Land Securities launches experiential spaces


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Shopping centre operator Land Securities has announced the launch of Five, a premium selection of dedicated experiential

spaces available within its retail and leisure destinations.

The new concept will consist of five 5 metre x 5 metre spaces across Land Securities’ Bluewater, Trinity Leeds, St David’s in Cardiff, One New Change in the City and Buchanan Galleries in Glasgow, with the aim of providing a new retail model that engages with the centres’ affluent and brand-conscious consumers.

The 5 locations have an annual footfall in excess of 115 million, and the total comparison goods spend within the destinations’ catchments is 4 billion pounds. Additionally, the five sites which offer brands simplicity in getting their products out there, will also be provided with dedicated marketing support including social media, as well as a specific focus on measurement and ROI.

Sean Curtis, head of business to business marketing and brand partnerships for retail at Land Securities, said: “Our portfolio contains some of the most successful retail and leisure destinations in the UK. Five is a new way of allowing brands focused on experiential engagement to gain access to the full strength of our key destinations, backed by our own comprehensive marketing support.

“Five provides simplicity, consistency and opportunity, which together create significant commercial benefits for partner agencies and their clients. As the first collection of standardised experiential sites in UK retail and leisure destinations, this is a very exciting step that sets a new precedent in the industry.”

Land Securities