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Londonedge welcomes back catwalk


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Together with a new venue at Londonedge its catwalk

show returns together with new exhibitors and new entertainment. Featured brands for the fashion show include Criminal Damage, Toxico, Fables by Barrie, SDL, Too Fast Clothing, Tripp NYC and Silver Stop.

There will be four different catwalk shows per day with 6 individual brand showcases within each. The theme of the catwalk show is an interactive protest march with anarchic slogans and edgy mens and womenswear. The look and feel of the show has been updated with school desks and chairs in the media area, retro 50s diner furniture in the new Wi-fi section and bone chairs hosted by the Grim Reaper in the Coffin Bar Lounge.

The next Londonedge and Londoncentral will take place from 5-7th September 2010 at the Olympia National Hall in London.
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