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Oxfam to launch online

By FashionUnited


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Oxfam is to set up a brand new online retail space offering donated clothes and books to shoppers

to buy and receive using parcel delivery services. The website - part of www.oxfam.org.uk/shop - will offer 50,000 garments and 160,000 paperbacks and hardbacks. Set to be based in Wymbush, Milton Keynes, the new venture is expected to attract around 200 volunteers.

As Milton Keynes is one of the largest towns in the UK without an Oxfam presence, the charity is hoping this move will change that.

Roles at the site - which is scheduled to open on June 2nd - will include books and clothing sorters and listers, photographers and dispatch workers.

This news comes just a day after online shopping reward site easyfundraising.co.uk revealed it has raised more than £2 million since its launch in 2005, thanks to consumers buying goods for parcel delivery.
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