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Petition to keep Alexander Mcqueen: Sa​vage Beauty going


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So is the success of the Alexander McQueen: Savage

Beauty exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum, New York, that not only have organisers extended the show, but now there are plans to not end it at all.

In a bid to get donors and the Met to reconsider ending it and to start a tour, where it visits main cities, independent designer, Selena Norris, has created a petition on Change.org to get mass circulation and drum up backing.

Through social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and eminent fashion blogs, signatures are being accrued thick and fast. The Met recently announced that the exhibition had admitted its 658,000th visitor, making it the eighth most visited exhibition in the Met history terms in terms of footfall.

“His untimely death touched the hearts of many who look up to him as one of the greatest designers, in our time and throughout history,” says Norris, “The goal of this petition is to help spread the beauty of his work with the world as a final testament and legacy of his genius, to bring him honour as we remember the beauty he brought into the world.”

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