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Foot Locker faces backlash for #AskSambaGirls Twitter campaign

By FashionUnited


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Footwear retailer Foot Locker has received a surge of criticism on Twitter after it launched its social media campaign for the Brazil World Cup featuring five ‘Samba’ women wearing crop tops and shorts in the Brazilian yellow and

 green colours.

The campaign #AskSambaGirls was launched on the footwear’s @FootLockerEU Twitter account and encouraged its followers to tweet their “girls” with questions about Brazil, Rio and the football tournament using the hashtag.

However, the campaign has not been met well with all Twitter users, with some stating that the #AskSambaGirls is ‘sexist’, with one user @sarahstrange tweeting: “Ugh @FootLockerEU what is the point of #AskSambaGirls sexist, racist & lazy - is this PR in the 21st C? @EverydaySexism.”

Foot Locker criticised for Twitter #AskSambaGirls campaign

Another Tweeter, @Celticsleftwing tweeted: “.@footlockerEU Hey #asksambagirls have you ever been in a third world #sweatshop where they MAKE trainers? Where "girls" are children?”

The Twitter backlash continued with user @AmdrammerEmma tweeting: “@FootLockerEU hi girls! How long do you think it will be before the slobbering idiot who came up with #asksambagirls gets the sack?”

While @SusieinLondon commented: “The ignorance on so many levels has me speechless. MT @FootLockerEU Olá! Meet our girls from Brazil #asksambagirls,” and Twitter user @danslee added: “And today's social media campaign screw up goes to... @FootLockerEU and #AskSambaGirls for their Benny Hill-inspired Twitter Q&A.”

Commenting on the campaign, a Foot Locker spokeswoman said: “The Spirit of Brazil, is intended as a tongue-in-cheek way of celebrating the Brazilian lifestyle, offering people a fun way to get to know more about Brazil ahead of this year’s summer of sport and we hope the public gets involved with the campaign in the light-hearted spirit in which it was conceived.”

The Samba girls were tweeted a number of football and Brazil-related questions including ‘Romario, Ronaldo or Ronaldinho?’, ‘Who is the best at "keepy uppy"?’ and ‘Any advice for the Dutch squad to win the tournament?’ all of which were answered via Vine videos by the girls.

Image: Foot Locker Twitter

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