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Net-a-Porter launches TV station

11 Feb 2011


Watch TV & Shop! Net-a-Porter has launched a digital TV station where you can watch fashion television and shop the programme at the same time. The online luxury fashion retailer will air programmes on four channels, called Runway, Who's Who,

Trends 101 and Flashbacks.

Currently the station offers an interview with Donnatella Versace and a Little Black Dress story. Other content include runway shows, insider trend reports, designer interviews and behind the scenes looks, all the while making the shopping experience interactive with a "Watch It" and "Shop It" function.

Visitors are also able to share and comment on all videos, and of course the latest footage can be soon on a plethora of digital platforms, including all mobile devices and the iPad, Net-a-Porter TV is the first fashion 'T-commerce' service available currently in America with a global launch to follow on Google TV-enabled Sony TVs and Blu-ray Players as well as the Logitech Revue set-top box, allowing users to view product details and buy direct through their TVs.

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