Pinterest drives sales on Boticca, the global online marketplace for unique jewellery, bags and accessories from top independent designers, has put Pinterest, the virtual pinboard platform, under the microscope and has discovered that the social media network

has emerged as the brand's number one social outlet in terms of sales.

The Pinterest drives sales on Boticcafindings, which show that ‘pinners’, a name given for Pinterest users, aren’t afraid to spend money, were taken from a Pinterest vs. Facebook case study, based on a sample of 50,000 visits to Boticca from Pinterest and from Facebook during a 30-day period in March and April. The study looked into the users’ purchasing and engagement behaviours on the website across both popular social medium channels.

It has emerged that Pinterest is the retailers number one social media outlet in terms of sales, with ‘pinners’ spending on average £115 versus £55 for those clicking through from Facebook, which is also 10 per cent higher than the overall site average. However, it did note that Pinterest hurts on the conversion rates, with it being 50 per cent lower than Facebook, and 73 per cent lower than the sites overall average.

Although Pinterest is more influential, the results found that Pinterest influences 10 per cent of transactions, while Facebook influenced just 7 per cent, as measured by assisted conversions; and Pinterest did help Boticca to secure more new business than Facebook, with the former generating 86 per cent new business while Facebook generated 57 per cent.

All the success via Pinterest has been achieved by the brand’s new approach to the social media channel – using ‘Pin It’ buttons on every product page and it has also developed more than 60 branded Pinterest boards, including ones dedicated to bags, clutches, statement earrings, trend-led pieces, as well as boards featuring gift ideas and style inspiration.

However, the study did also show that when it comes to engagement Facebook is still the best platform, with Pinterest users spending 65 per cent less time on its site than those clicking through from Facebook, and 70 per cent less than the Boticca overall average. Pinterest shoppers also look at 44 per cent less pages than Facebook shoppers and 52 per cent less than the general site average.

Image: Boticca’s Pinterest


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