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Ralph Lauren introduces the next step in wearable tech: the Polo

By FashionUnited


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Ralph Lauren is set to unveil its latest foray into the world of wearable tech today during the opening day of the US Open: the Polo Tech Shirt, highlighting the debut of the global sporting event being used as a platform to launch a collection of wearable products. The new Polo has sensors

knitted into the core of the shirt which read its wearers biological and physiological information and are designed to improves general wellness. The compression shirt, which features Ralph Lauren's signature yellow Polo Player, was crafted to have a 'second-skin fit' in order to enhance the wearer's comfort and agility.

Lauren continues to be at the cutting edge of fashion and culture" with its Polo Tech Shirt

“Ralph Lauren continues to be at the cutting edge of fashion and culture,” said David Lauren, senior vice president of advertising, marketing and public relations. “Our goal is to create and reflect the ultimate lifestyle, and we believe that a healthy and active life is an essential part of that. Ralph Lauren is excited to help lead the industry in wearable technology in this ever-evolving, modern world.”

Ralph Lauren has equipped several ball boys with the Polo Tech Shirt during selected matches at the Billie Jean National Tennis Center, as they are the official outfitter of the US Tennis Association tournament, and Marcos Giron will be wearing the shirt during his practices for his first Grand Slam in Flushing. The shirt will enable Giron to track his biometrics and allow him to make adjustment to his play, form and breathing.

“The fact that Ralph Lauren chose the US Open as the venue to unveil its Polo Tech shirt enhances our tradition as a showcase for innovation,” added David Brewer, US Open Tournament Director. He believes that there are features in the Polo Tech shirt that can “revolutionize how players train and compete”.

Lauren notes that the Polo Tech shirt is not only reserved for the elite athletes and could also function in everyday life. “Our vision is that this will transcend sports to help us at every age and in every aspect of life. Reaching far beyond just the needs of elite athletes, Polo Tech will offer innovative technology for all ages and lifestyles to promote general wellness and quality of life.”

The new wearable tech Polo Shirt was created using proprietary technology from Canadian-based OMsignal, who works with experts in neuroscience, sports medicine and engineering. The OMsignal allows the shirt to act as the sensor and via itself platform it delivers a variety of physiological data from the shirt directly to the users app on their smartphone.

“It was clear from our very first meeting that Ralph Lauren had a clarity of mind about the future of fashion tech,” said Stéphane Marceau, CEO of OMsignal. “Its legendary Polo brand and unparalleled design and merchandising capabilities make Ralph Lauren a natural partner to bring smart clothing technology into everyday lives.”

The Polo Shirt is the latest addition to the company's ongoing moves within the technological side of the industry and follows on from other innovative concepts launched such as the 4D Light Show and the Dog Walk, a digital collaboration showcasing the Ralph Lauren Fall 2013 Accessories Collection in collaboration with the ASPCA and the RL Children’s Virtual Storybook.

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