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Roland Mouret not secretly designing Victoria Beckham


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Rumours have been circulating for years who's golden touch lies behind the Victoria Beckham brand, with Roland Mouret being widely thought to be involved. Both Beckham and Mouret are part of the Simon Fuller portfolio of brands, however Mouret has

denied that he is a "secret" designer behind Beckham's successful collections.

question, of course, is fair to ask. How does a girl with no design knowledge create a brand that is all about cut and fabric? The answer, of course, is with the right team. And just like other successful celebrity brands, like Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears, Elle MacPherson, P Diddy - and the list goes on - a celebrity's team is integral to the brand's success. Often times the celebrity is not more than the face, endorsing a product with their name they have little control over, knowledge of or even interest in.

Mouret denies being the 'secret' designer behind Victoria Beckham

Ms Beckham's brand is slightly different. She is much more than a licensed commodity and has informed the public she is intrinsically involved in the design process, despite not having any formal training other than an affinity for fashion.

Whether or not Beckham was putting together the range plans in the brand's early days, sourcing fabrics and trims and worried how to cope with production is perhaps not relevant. These are the hurdles faced by most 'real' designers and startups, whereas Ms Beckham's main worry was her perceived credibility.

In an interview with the London Evening Standard, Mouret stated: “Can she call me a mentor? Yes. I gave her some advice, some names, some people and allowed her to call me whenever she wants. That’s all."

Mouret then went on to compare Beckham to Diane von Furstenberg and Estée Lauder. “Some women are businesswomen by the fact that people love and hate them at the same time. She is the most photographed woman, so why should she be photographed in other people’s clothes if she can be photographed in her own?"

He added: “It was time for the name and product to come together. She is not a designer like me but she has something I don’t have: that unique sense of wearing what she is doing, and that picture will go around the world, and sell it."

Image: Victoria Beckham AW13

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