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The truth about style enhancers

By FashionUnited


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Stylists, personal shoppers, image consultants, makeovers: the difference between these style enhancers is vast, even if their fashion fixes are often perceived as imposed by those who live happy without fashion on their radar. To them, there's nothing

worse than somebody trying to force a style onto an unfashionable guinea pig.

The debate has raged for years about whether an Image Consultant is really about helping you looking your best, or the Consultant trying to wedge you into a style of clothing which fits a formula. Informal observation indicates the latter argument is generally upheld by people who haven’t fully researched what it is that Image Consultants offer.

w we look is directly related to how we feel and the way we are perceived in the world. In short, Image matters. Wider television coverage in recent years – ‘What not to wear’, ’10 Years Younger’, ‘Gok’s Fashion Fix’ etc. – have all raised awareness that it is possible to employ the services of a professional, but Gok isn’t available to us all.

So what is available, where are you best to invest your money and how do you choose?

A Personal Shopper works within their known range of shops or suppliers; often employed by the shop in question (e.g. Department store), they focus on clothes and accessories; Working based on a trial and error system of you trying the clothes so they can see how you look enables them to determine what works.

A Personal Stylist is also likely to be a personal shopper, however can include the broader issues of Style including recommendations on hair and make-up; their experience and knowledge of the fashion world will tend to guide the advice.
An Image Consultant can be both a personal shopper and a personal stylist amongst a much wider range of services offered to clients. The difference lies in the approach; through a logical and systematic process, your Image Consultant trains and educates you in all areas of wardrobe planning to suit your lifestyle.

An Image Consultant works with the client as an individual with the aim of educating them in how to ‘do it for themselves’ over time. After a professional consultation they are able to shop and dress independently and individually, acquiring additional shopping or styling advice if required.

An Image Consultant learns their skill and gains experience in a formal, structured training environment. House of Colour, which provides such services, are continually evolving, reviewing and updating the training available to Consultants inside their commitment to provide the best service possible to their clients.

Established in 1985, House of Colour have over 140 Image Consultants around the world and is the only company in its field to hold the ‘Investor in People’ award.

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