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Victoria Beckham: UK’s top entrepreneur is worth 210 million pounds

By FashionUnited


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Victoria Beckham has surpassed a hundred of the most successful men and women in business in the UK in 2014, getting the coveted crown of the top entrepreneur of the year. The singer turned fashion designer holds the No 1 in the list compiled for business magazine ‘Management Today’.

The rankings are drawn up by assessing turnover growth and job creation over the past five years and uses data from Companies House explains the ‘Guardian’.

“Beckham is living proof that celebrity may be the most marketable commodity of all,” said of the designer the publication

that has crowned her as a leading entrepreneur, based on strong sales, the number of jobs she has created, and her estimated wealth overall, reported the ‘Telegraph’.

VB’s turnover grows by 2,900 percent in 5 years

The former Spice Girl’s firm turned over 30 million pounds last year, a rise of 2,900 percent in the last five years.

“It is her finely tuned business acumen that wins her the top spot,” said Philip Beresford, who compiled the list for business magazine ‘Management Today’.

Victoria Beckham's fashion operation has grown from 1 million pounds turnover to 30 million pounds since launching five years ago, and staff numbers are up from three to 100 in the same period, recall main British papers.

In this regard, ‘Management Today’ recalls that Victoria Beckham, who is worth 210 million pounds, has become a “supremely talented entrepreneur in the fashion business”.

"She's got a real business, some design talent and some business nous," said Andrew Saunders, the magazine's deputy editor. "She gets a lot of stick for being a celeb fashionista but I don’t think that’s fair. She has built something real out of her own celebrity which is quite a contemporary story. She deserves to be celebrated."

Julian Dunkerton of Supergroup holds a relevant place in this list as well, which has Mahmud Kamani, the man behind online fashion retailer Boohoo.com, standing at the list's podium in the third place. Kamani is worth 290 million pounds, according to the ranking, with the latest turnover for his business coming in at 110 million pounds, which includes a 746 percent rise in five years.

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