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Zimmerli launches Sea Island cotton collection


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Swiss luxury undergarment brand Zimmerli is expanding its range with Sea Island cotton.The Sea Island cotton fabric is known as the most valuable and premium quality cottons in the world and is grown only in ideal climatic conditions of the former colonies

of the British Empire – the Bahamas and the Caribbean.

This autumn Zimmerli is integrating this luxury raw material into their Basic collection. The new seven piece edition is the epitome of luxury and ultimate comfort: Soft and opulent as cashmere and light as silk, all woven by expert Swiss

Zimmerli's unique manufacturing processes are able to combine fine and raw cotton yarn into highly elastic ribbed knitwear. In a release the company stated: 'Zimmerli is not a fashion brand, neither a marketing nor a mass product. Zimmerli is simple and classy and it stands for plain perfection in fit and comfort, thus, for an incomparable experience.'