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Cunningham: fashion anthropologist

By FashionUnited


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"We all get dressed for Bill," quips Anna Wintour in the documentary Bill Cunningham New York.

Richard Press's documentary of the "fashion anthropologist" has finally hit cinemas, and found release in London and New York this month. The story follows the famously reclusive 80-year-old as he carries out his twin duties for The New York Times: his weekly column "On the Street," page featuring fashion shots of average citizens out and about Manhattan, and his "Evening Hours" section, focusing on those attending the city's innumerable gala events.

Together, these two outlets provide Cunningham with a means of capturing a sense of the city in total, of the path fashion takes from the runway to the halls of high society to the sidewalks.

As Cunninghams says, "the best fashion is on the street. I let the street speak to me."
Bill Cunningham
NY Times