Xmas wear according to M&S

Xmas wear according to M&SXmas wear according to M&SXmas wear according to M&SXmas wear according to M&SXmas wear according to M&S
British department store Marks & Spencer has released a study which reflects what the nation will be wearing come Christmas Day, with almost half the country donning novelty Christmas clothing items.

The poll, carried out by Marks & Spencer and Oxfam's Shwopping initiative, found that 45 percent of the public plan on celebrating the big day by wearing a festive fashion outfit. One in four, 26 percent, revealed that they will be pulling on a Santa suit to watch the Queen's Speech. 60 percent of the population stated that they will be choosing for comfort over style this Christmas and opt to dress down on the big day, with 28 percent admitting plans to stay in their pyjamas all day.

The top five most popular novelty outfits that the nation will wear come Christmas day include the following: a festive holiday jumper (27 percent), a Santa Claus suit (26 percent), Reindeer antlers (24 percent), Tinsel ticklers (13 percent) and Reindeer leggings (6 percent).One in ten revealed that wearing an outfit with an expandable waistband is part of their main criteria when shopping for their festive lounge wear.

However the Shwopping by M&S survey also revealed that 51 percent of the nation will be putting their holiday outfits or 'one-wear wonders' back in the closet come Boxing Day, with 15 percent of the public stating that their 'one-wear wonders' will end up straight in the trash.

Oxfam and M&S are asking the public to think twice about binning their Christmas wear and shwop it instead, as “it is the season of giving.” Joanna Lumley, M&S Shwopping and Plan A ambassador, said: “We can ensure even the most novelty of Christmas outfits is given a new life this Boxing Day, by Shwopping, not binning, festive fashion items – giving a better Christmas for those who really need it and spreading the loving spirit of Christmas even wider.”

M&S revealed that during the Queen's eight and half minute speech on Christmas Day, nearly 16,000 pieces of clothing will be sent to landfill. “Your unwanted jumper can do so much good for those in need, so don't just furtively chuck it away with the wrapping paper and cracker novelties: shwop it, and bring joy to a complete stranger,” concluded Lumley.

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