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Wildfox's misspelling



LA-based fashion label Wildfox, best known for its trendy Californian wear, is currently under scrutiny after releasing a number of tops with spelling and grammatical errors.

The most notable error was spotted on its women's New Years Resolution Jumper, which is targeted at young millennial. The 108 dollar, or 99 pound has the following slogan printed on its front: 'Drink Less, Kiss More, Deep Sea Dive, Tropical Vacation, Adopt A Pet, Stay Wierd.'

The misspelling of the last word 'Wierd,' does not appear to have been made intentionally, as a children's New Years Jumper, tote bag and sweatshirt from Wildfox all bear the correct spelling of the word weird.

There have been reports of a number of grammatical errors on Wildfox's printed t-shirts and jumpers as well. The brand's Shark Snack Lifeguard tanktop and Don't wake me Lifeguard Tank for 52 dollars, as well as the Message in a Bottle Tahiti Tunic for 68 dollars all miss the apostrophe for 'don't.' Fashionista criticized Wildfox for not proof-reading their designs before clearing the designs for production, highlighting the improper use of the word 'laying' instead of lying on a 108 dollar jumper.

However, even if the designs carry spelling or grammar mistakes, fashion fans of the Californian brand do not seem to be concerned with Wildfox's language errors. Although the women's New Years Resolution Jumper has been pulled from the Wildfox site, it is still for sale on Asos.com and is currently sold out on Harrods.com.

Photos: Wildfox

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