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2022 trends were defined by ‘nostalgia’ Klarna finds

By Rachel Douglass


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Klarna The Checkout trend report. Image: Klarna

Payment service provider Klarna has released the first part of its annual trend report, ‘The Checkout’, which looks into consumer trends over the past year.

According to its findings, shopping trends in 2022 revolved around the theme of ‘nostalgia’, with items reminiscent of the 18th century through to the early 00’s seeing sales increases.

The report was made in collaboration with trend expert Agus Panzoni, who said the trends pointed to a longing for happier, more carefree times.

Five distinct themes have been defined by Klarna, the first of which is labelled ‘Vintage tech’ and refers to simpler, more reliable tech products.

Meanwhile, ‘Hyperfemininity’ encompassed Barbiecore, Bimbocore and Balletcore trends, which were driven largely by the 126 percent increase in sales of pink products in August.

Other trends looked more at past eras for shopping inspiration, including Y2K, Counterculture, which is rooted in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s youth movements, and Regencycore, defined by styles inspired by the Victorian and Regency periods.

Speaking on the report, Panzoni said: “Inspiration from earlier ages is nothing new but the nostalgic imprint on this year's trends is remarkable.

“Against the backdrop of a changing world, it seems people have been escaping to more comfortable territories as the antidote to everyday life.”