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3DLOOK shares free access to its body scanning technology with fashion schools

By Jackie Mallon


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Photo by 3DLOOK

In an aim to help the next generation of fashion designers succeed in the technology-driven future of fashion, 3DLOOK, the creator of the world’s leading patented mobile body scanning technology, announced today that it is sharing free access to its tools with fashion design schools. The company’s Mobile Tailor solution will allow aspiring designers at participating educational institutions to use 3D design software to create and customize perfectly fitting garments based on precise 3D body models without needing to take in-person measurements or hold fittings with models.

A self-service solution that helps designers capture accurate body data remotely, Mobile Tailor requires no technical expertise to use and generates 85 measurements from just two photos taken on any smartphone on any background in under 30 seconds. Fashion design students at participating schools will be able to send and receive measurement data through a personal workspace and export unique 3D body avatars that are fully compatible with all common 3D fashion design software solutions.

“We initially launched Mobile Tailor to support made-to-measure fashion businesses and their customers during the pandemic,” explains Vadim Rogovskiy, Co-founder and CEO of 3DLOOK. “The solution didn’t just help many of our clients to stay in business but allowed them to scale despite the lockdowns that shuttered their stores.” Offering free access to students, he believes, demonstrates 3DLOOK’s commitment to driving innovation in an industry that is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. The technology is usually priced at 999 dollars per month but educational institutions worldwide can apply to receive free access to 3DLOOK’s Mobile Tailor by filling out a simple form on the company’s website.

3DLOOK's Mobile Tailor technology

Does 3DLOOK represent the future of fashion?

3DLOOK, which already works with Tailored Brands and Dickies among other retailers, recently announced a Series A raise of 6.5M dollars, and has been recognized in Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Retail Technologies, 2021, won the  LVMH Innovation Award and the IEEE Retail Digital Transformation Grand Challenge in 2019, and was recognized as one of the 2020 Pioneers of the New World. Its patented mobile body scanning technology provides personalized fit and size recommendations and virtual try-on for shoppers to help brands reduce returns while increasing conversion and AOV. These solutions enable innovative personalized shopping experiences and give brands actionable insights to optimize design, product development, inventory planning and distribution.

“Last year has shown how easily disrupted the whole fashion industry is,” says Rogovskiy. “The entire industry faced the need to quickly adapt to the new digital-first reality and was completely not ready for it. We want to make sure that the next generation in fashion doesn’t face the same issues. With Mobile Tailor, fashion students worldwide will be able to receive models’ measurements remotely, export their accurate 3D body models and work on garments in 3D design software.”

 One of the schools that has been an early adopter is Estonia’s Tallinn University of Technology. Piret Mellik, Lecturer in CAD/CAM and Pattern Design at the university said, “TalTech students loved working with Mobile Tailor software because for the first time they were not restricted by the capabilities of creating a mannequin in a pattern design software, but they could use their actual avatars which made the process of fitting in 3D environments much more accurate, realistic and enjoyable. Students were able to see how different software can be used together to achieve better results in 3D fitting. Mobile Tailor was very easy to use and avatars could be imported into software without any difficulties.”

Images provided by 3DLOOK

Fashion editor Jackie Mallon is also an educator and author of Silk for the Feed Dogs, a novel set in the international fashion industry

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