Shopping has long been a highly social event. A significant cohort of people shop in-store for the gratification of the process, whether it ends with a purchase or not. Retailers, in turn, have curated their store experiences to cater to shopping as a recreational activity. Especially in recent years, […]

Ahead of its presentation at CL King & Associates’ 18th Annual Best Ideas Conference, Crocs said, for the third quarter of 2020, the company now expects revenue to grow approximately 10 percent compared to 312.8 million dollar reported in the third quarter of 2019. “As a brand, we have proven resilient […]

For the second quarter, net sales at Zumiez Inc. increased 9.6 percent to 250.4 million dollars. The company said in a statement that due to store closures, stores were open for 73.4 percent of the second quarter. For the stores that were open, comparable sales increased 37.3 percent compared to the […]

There's about to be one less brand in LVMH's portfolio. Business of Fashion has reported that LVMH and Nicholas Kirkwood are parting ways. Nicholas Kirkwood is taking back control of his brand after a seven year partnership between the British label and the French-owned luxury conglomerate. LVMH told […]

Online and offline shopping belong together. Driven by the reality we are currently living in, consumer behavior is shifting rapidly and has become more digital than ever. Just to share a fun fact, experts say that we are now five years ahead of where we would normally be when it comes to the adoption […]

The British fashion designer, Grace Wales Bonner, has taken over the artistic direction of the fashion class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.Wales Bonner is taking over the position of Jil Sander duo, Lucie and Luke Meier, a spokeswoman told FashionUnited. The couple, who have been creative […]

American fashion designer Kerby Jean-Raymond, founder of Pyer Moss, has announced a new venture with French luxury conglomerate, Kering. The new platform, Your Friends in New York is designed to “empower the next generation of innovators,” according to the press release and is a venture that goes beyond […]

Is your favourite raincoat, hiking boots or period underwear causing you more harm than good? When we get dressed in the morning, we usually don’t think about what chemicals are lurking in our clothing. But there’s a potentially harmful group of chemicals present in everything we use daily - from our […]

WHP Global has inked a new agreement with Vandale Industries, Inc. to create an intimates category for its Anne Klein brand. "Partnering with Vandale for Anne Klein intimates represents our drive and focus to grow the Anne Klein brand with the best, most influential partners in each category," Effy […]

French luxury giant LVMH said Thursday it would counter-sue US jeweller Tiffany, accusing it of “dishonesty” as their plans for a sparkling tie-up descended into bitter recrimination. “LVMH was surprised by the lawsuit filed by Tiffany,” the French owner of brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior and Moet […]

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