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Adidas’ North American president to step down

By Rachel Douglass


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Adidas Flagship in Amsterdam. Credits: Adidas

The president of Adidas North America, Rupert Campbell, is understood to be stepping down from his position following a period of turbulence and dramatic leadership changes at the company.

The move was seemingly confirmed in an internal announcement, obtained by WWD, which stated that Campbell was to “pursue other opportunities” following his decision to leave.

Campbell first entered Adidas in 2012, initially starting out as a retail director of the sportswear giant’s Market North division, returning to Adidas again in 2018 to assume the role of managing director Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

He took on his most recent role in January 2022, amid a period in which Adidas had faced complaints regarding discrimination against Black employees at the company, for which Campbell was called in to address the situation as well as help strengthen the business.

In the memo, signed by executive board member, Arthur Hoeld, and senior vice president of HR, Eveline Noya, Campbell was described to have values “based around inclusion and diversity” and was credited with establishing “strong relationships with partners and stakeholders”.

They added: “Throughout his tenure, Rupert has remained focused on building a foundation for quality and sustainable growth that is centred on amplifying sport and culture.”

Campbell’s last day is believed to be October 27, after which Hoeld will take direct oversight of the North American business until a successor is appointed.