New York - Spanish fashion group Adolfo Domínguez has closed the first quarter of its fiscal year 2019 (March-May 2019) selling 6.4 percent more. Over this period – the first complete quarter led by Adriana Dominguez as CEO - the fashion retailer has piloted a new design strategy.

Comparable global sales for the first quarter grew 6.4 percent, driven by the Galicia feminine collection, the first designed following the new strategy.

The Galicia project started in November 2018, after finishing the merge of all the group’s brands into one (Adolfo Domínguez). This is a set of 18 sub-collections of women inspired by the Galician territory: each sub-collection recreates a motif from Galicia, under denominations and creative inspirations such as Toxo, Orballo, Atlántico, Fento, Queimada or Cíes. They have been distributed in its 387 stores in 22 countries, in addition to the online channel.

The reception of the original garments and prints has been especially good in the markets of Spain, Japan, and Mexico, with growth coming in between 6 percent and 7 percent, and with improved sales in the other 19 countries where the Brand is present.

This is the first complete series of collections under the baton of Adriana Domínguez as CEO. As explained by the company in a financial update to the Spanish market regulator, in this new stage, design teams develop the entire collection around the same concept.

Following the same formula, Adolfo Domínguez has just launched a new autumn-winter collection, which is already in its stores, focused on the concept of "gender fluid", which is separated from the gender approach.


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