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Allbirds opens new store in Cambridge, US

By Rosalie Wessel

18 Oct 2021


Image: Allbirds

Sustainable shoe company Allbirds has opened up a store in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

The store is located on Brattle Street, and is the brand’s second store in the Boston area.

Allbirds already has 32 locations worldwide, with stores in North America, Asia and Europe. Demonstrating its commitment to sustainability, the new store displays the carbon footprint of each product for customers to see easily. Further displays around the shop discuss the brand’s use of sustainable products such as merino wool and sugarcane.

Allbird’s sustainability initiatives include a plan to cut its footprint in half by 2025 and reduce it to almost nothing by 2030. Currently, the brand claims to be completely carbon neutral, measuring everything that contributes to its carbon footprint such as lighting. It has invested in carbon offset programs, such as the Capricorn Ridge Wind initiative, which is an effort to accelerate the development of wind energy.