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Amazon to invest one billion euros in electric vehicle push

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Amazon

Marketplace giant Amazon is set to invest one billion euros into electric vans, trucks and low-emission package hubs across Europe, in a bid to achieve net-zero carbon emissions.

In a release, the global retailer said it will be using the funds to implement more than 100,000 electric vehicles by 2025.

According to Reuters, the number is triple the 3,000 strong electric van fleet it is currently operating in Europe.

The company hopes to also purchase over 1,500 electric heavy goods vehicles to carry out “middle-mile” shipments to package hubs in the years ahead.

In a number of European cities, it will be aiming to further double its European “micro-mobility” hubs, which enable deliveries through the use of cargo bikes or on foot, from the 20 plus that exist today.

The eco-delivery methods are already in operation in London, where the company launched a fleet of e-cargo bikes earlier this year in order to replace van deliveries in the city.

Its newly published goals come as part of Amazon’s pledge to achieve net-zero carbon across its operations by 2040.

It said that it hopes the initiative will spur other retailers to follow suit and invest in electric vehicles and more sustainable infrastructure.