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Amazon unleashes AI-powered sizing-focused initiatives

By Rachel Douglass


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Amazon introduces AI-powered features to website. Credits: Amazon.

E-commerce marketplace Amazon has introduced a series of artificial intelligence (AI) backed initiatives to its website that look to both personalise and enhance fit features for products.

Such projects look to improve customer experience while further addressing sizing challenges that come with shopping online, the company said in a blog post.

One feature, for example, centres around AI-driven size recommendations, through which Amazon is looking to provide customers with more personalised offerings by taking into account sizes bought by similar customers or similar-fitting products.

Another, dubbed ‘Fit Review Highlights’, offers customer feedback that is relevant to recommended sizes in order to help determine how a style will fit, putting to use information derived from other reviews of the product. An “easy-to-read” review highlight will summarise such information on a product page so that users don’t have to then scour reviews for feedback.

Size charts are another area that have received the AI treatment from Amazon. According to the platform, the technology has helped it to improve the accuracy of size charts in order to present relevant information in “a more visually engaging way”.

Extracted data from multiple sources is now transformed into standardised size information, removing duplicates and auto-correcting missing or incorrect measurements for more accuracy.

A further addition is the AI-backed Fit Insights Tool, provided to brands as a method of easily incorporating insights on fit, style and fabric into data that can identify defects in size charts, outline customer fit issues and improve the communication of sizing for customers.