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American Apparel starts shutting down its U.K. business

By Sara Ehlers

24 Dec 2016

Before the end of the year, American Apparel has made a definite impact on its U.K. stores. Closing a dozen stores, the U.K. branch is almost officially closed with only one last remaining flagship in London.

The store closures were expected for a while as there were prominent protests on social media concerning the company. In November, American Apparel had confirmed that its European operations would suffer. This meant that products would stop shipping into the region, which caused workers of the stores to lash out on social media. Eventually it has become clear that the reason for this was most likely due to the plan of closing out these twelve locations. The locations that closes include flagships in cities such as Nottingham, Glasgow, Bristol and Brighton.

As a result, 147 employees lost their job at American Apparel. At the last standing U.K. store, there are 31 employees that remain. For now, the store’s closure is not definite, as the store will stay open for January. However, as the company continues towards bankruptcy, it’s likely that the store will eventually close as a result of shutting down the brand’s U.K. division.

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