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Barbour raises prices in light of soaring production costs

By Rachel Douglass


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British brand Barbour has reportedly been forced to raise prices in line with soaring production costs and a decrease in consumer spending.

The retailer is said to be facing “extraordinary challenges” caused by these factors, while also battling high inflation and the cost-of-living crisis running rampant in the UK.

Speaking to The Telegraph, Barbour’s managing director Steve Buck said the brand was tackling various price increases across the likes of shipping, energy, materials and staffing.

Buck told the publication: “The FY22/23 will see some extraordinary challenges for our business.

“The ongoing impact of the pandemic, Brexit and the current global economic uncertainty has resulted in many challenges to margins across all channels and markets including rising costs and pricing pressures.

“We’ve had to increase some of our prices, but being very mindful of what many of our customers are experiencing, we have only passed on half of the cost increase in price.”

The news comes despite the company reporting “buoyant” sales, particularly of its wax jackets.

In the year to April 2022, Barbour noted that sales grew by 32 percent to 286.6 million pounds, experiencing a slight bounce back post-pandemic.

Buck added: “Customers are being careful with their money but are continuing to buy good-quality investment pieces.”

Update 07/02/23 16:50 - Barbour's managing director Steve Buck told FashionUnited: "Inflation and the current global economic situation is resulting in most brands and retailers having to increase their prices. However, Barbour is very mindful of the situation many of our customers are experiencing and any changes to our pricing is currently under review.”