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Battersea Power Station officially opens in London

By Rachel Douglass


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Image: Battersea Power Station

The historic Battersea Power Station has officially opened its doors to the public today, decades after the energy plant closed up shop.

The decommissioned coal-fired power station has gone through a 10-year transformational restoration process, and is now home to a wide range of shops, restaurants and leisure facilities.

Shoppers can visit a number of retailers opening first at the location, including Nike, Uniqlo, Mulberry and Hugo Boss.

Additionally, Electric Boulevard, a new pedestrianised high street, has also opened, running between Prospect Place and Battersea Roof Gardens to the riverside neighbourhood’s London Underground station.

“Many said it was impossible, several tried and failed, however through the commitment of our shareholders and with the support of many public and private sector stakeholders, we’ve succeeded in bringing Battersea Power Station back to life,” said Simon Murphy, CEO of the station’s development company, in a release.

The location started undergoing its initial development in 1929, with first power generated in 1933.

At its peak, Battersea supplied a fifth of London’s electricity, including for Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament.

The building was later decommissioned in 1983, with several attempts to redevelop the site falling short.

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