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Bazaarvoice launches new Influenster app to expand its online community

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Bazaarvoice is expanding its online community of seven million shoppers with its new Influenster app, which matches shoppers with brands seeking honest feedback on their products through authentic reviews, photos, and videos.

Reviews are still the most influential factor when making a purchase for over three-quarters of consumers (78 percent), according to Bazaarvoice, and the new app will offer brands and retailers the opportunity to collect authentic user-generated content at scale and connect with the “right shoppers” to mobilise targeted trial and consumer-powered advocacy.

For consumers, the app will give them the chance to share their authentic experiences, while Bazaarvoice’s proprietary personalisation algorithm will create an ultra-personalised feed to help them discover brands and products “that excite them”.

Brands will also be able to segment and target audiences via first-party data to drive incentivised word-of-mouth marketing to power their content strategy, adds Bazaarvoice, while simultaneously reducing their costs of customer acquisition and content production.

Keith Nealon, chief executive at Bazaarvoice, said in a statement: “As retail becomes more consumer-driven, shoppers find what they’re looking for through the power of peer-to-peer exchange, which includes user-generated content (UGC), like ratings, reviews, photos and videos.

“We’re leading the industry forward with the new Influenster app, creating a global space that’s bigger than ever, where consumers can go to share their thoughts, questions, experiences, and pictures of their favourite brands and products.”

Colby Smith, general manager of content acquisition services at Bazaarvoice, added: “In today’s retail landscape where consumer-to-consumer marketing reigns supreme, consumer communities are key because that’s where trusted recommendations are made. The Influenster community drives real connectivity between consumers, as well as between consumers and brands.”

The Influenster app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.