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Berlin designer Namilia wins trademark case against Hermès

By Regina Henkel


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Namilia SS24, Berlin Fashion Week. Credits: Launchmetrics Spotlight.

Hermès had filed a lawsuit against Namilia for trademark infringement because of a reworked Birkin bag by Hermès that was presented on the catwalk by the German fashion label during Berlin Fashion Week SS24 in July.

Now, the Frankfurt Regional Court has rejected Hermès' application for an injunction, citing the right of artistic freedom. These pieces were only show pieces and not intended for sale, was the court's reasoning, as Namilia wrote on Instagram.

However, the decision is not yet legally binding, because Hermès can still appeal against the decision within two weeks.

Specifically, the case concerned a corset made from a Birkin bag that was presented at the fashion show for the "SS24-In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy" collection at the most recent Berlin Fashion Week.