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Bestseller to expand Evoked Vila’s market presence via retail

By Rachel Douglass


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Evoked Vila brand campaign. Credits: Bestseller.

Danish fashion group Bestseller has announced it will be taking its new, plus-size label Evoked Vila into the retail space with the launch of its first stores and the expansion of its shop-in-shop locations.

The news comes nearly one year on from Evoked Vila’s initial debut, created in response to an ongoing dialogue with focus groups that Bestseller said have helped qualify what women in sizes 44 to 56 want.

Now, after securing a presence in 15 markets, the label is preparing to open retail stores throughout August and September, the first three being in the Danish cities of Odense, Kolding and Randers.

Next to this, Evoked’s already established shop-in-shop concept will also continue to expand further into the European market, particularly in Germany where the company said a positive reception had already been cemented.

In a release, Simon Khong Harberg, brand director, said: "The opening of branded stores is a clear signal that Evoked Vila has had a positive start, and we are invested in realising the brand's full potential.

“Our ambition is to become a globally dominant plus-size brand, which is not an ambition everyone launches with.”

Harbjerg added: "We are very grateful for the recognition and interest but for a start we will be at the helm for retail.

"It is fair to say that there is a great internal pride associated with entering the new segment of the fashion market, and we want to monitor everything closely and be in dialogue with customers to ensure that we do things right.”

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