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Boohoo 2022 trend report: TikTok, Bridgerton and bandanas

By Rachel Douglass

24 Jan 2022


Image: Boohoo via Boohoo Group PLC

Fashion giant Boohoo has released its 2022 trend report, forecasting the go-to essentials for the coming year, with predictions from its buying experts, social media study and the brand’s muses.

Using sales data, search trends and TikTok views, the retailer has also declared the garments it believes to have made the “biggest comebacks” during 2021, stating that trends from the 90s tended to be the most prominent.

Cargo pants, wide-leg jeans and bandanas were the top three items in this category, each garnering a significant number of activations across the retailer’s tracking scope. It reported that cargo pants saw over 69,000 searches across its site and gained over 122.8 million views on TikTok, while bandanas received a total of 105,212 unique searches - an increase of 46 percent year on year.

TikTok as a fashion bible and items to watch

In fact, the retailer took it upon itself to proclaim TikTok as the “new fashion bible” stating that “anything has the ability to go viral” on the social media platform. In its report, Boohoo said that the app has revolutionised the online world, as users look to the platform for style inspiration and fashion hauls.

As part of its report, it has outlined a selection of the top pieces that it has said are the “ones to watch for the year ahead”, based on views and engagement on the app.

Image: Miss Pap via Boohoo Group PLC

Corsets came out on top, garnering a notable 2.9 billion views to date. The item’s popularity can likely be credited to a number of factors in pop culture, including Netflix’s Bridgerton, Billie Eilish’s British Vogue cover and the platform’s shopping hauls, each aiding in turning the garment into a popular outerwear piece.

Claw clips and tooth gems topped the list as the most popular accessories, seeing search spikes in both TikTok and Google. Tennis skirts, hoop earrings and boyfriend jeans were also prevalent items that shone a light on the 90s trend, while chunky boots and the shacket each made their mark too.

Bridgerton continues to have an impact

To highlight the overall trends it predicted will have lasting impressions in 2022, Boohoo turned to its product director Claire Asher, who provided her knowledge on the trends the retailer is looking into for the year.

Image: Dorothy Perkins via Boohoo Group PLC

Naturally, Bridgerton took Asher’s top spot as it cemented its place as one of the most popular Netflix series of 2021. The series was responsible for the resurgence of ‘regency romance’, which was present in the likes of corsets, lingerie and dress designs that mirrored the looks from the popular costume drama. With season two on the near horizon and a substantial 8.6 billion TikTok views, it looks as though it will continue to be a hit in fashion.

‘Vintage vibes’ was the next trend highlighted in the report, with Asher referencing another popular series, Sex Education, as one of its main contributors. Characters from the Netflix show donned 70s outfits and retro looks that contributed to a high demand in vintage-inspired searches, such as logo sweaters, chunky trainers and cycling shorts.

On the trend, Asher said: “Designers and retailers alike have always been inspired by trends from the archives and for spring/summer 22 collections there will be a real nod to vintage revival. The 60s and 70s are key within some of our spring trends such as Retro resort and Holiday romance.”

Finally, statement dressing nabbed the third spot on the most notable trends list, referencing celebrity status and pop culture for its advancement. Asher suggested the likes of power suits and bold colours to be defining elements of this trend, describing it essentially as business casual with statement accessories.