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Boohoo builds on sustainable initiatives with CottonConnect partnership

By Rachel Douglass

21 Mar 2022


Image: Boohoo

The Boohoo Group has revealed a partnership with the sustainable organisation, CottonConnect, which will see it implement REEL (responsible environment enhanced livelihoods) cotton into its supply chain.

The Pakistan-based foundation educates farmers at specially developed demonstration plots on the benefits of sustainable production methods, which can result in a better harvest and higher net income.

Following a responsible growing and cleaning process, cotton produced through the initiative can be traced through the TraceBale system, which enables Boohoo to follow the cotton throughout its supply chain journey.

Products that have been cleared through this process will be signposted with a ‘Ready for the Future’ label, so buyers can easily view sustainable options - a step in the right direction for the fashion retail group.

Boohoo has been criticised in recent years for conditions at its Leicester-based suppliers, where a series of employees have spoken out about its lacklustre environment and issues with pay. In response to the reports, the group introduced an initiative that allowed those interested to visit the site for themselves and take a tour of the factory to show there was no wrongdoing.

This new partnership appears to be a continuation of its supply chain rejuvenation, as it looks to provide customers with more transparent information on its manufacturing process.

It also comes as the Boohoo Group builds on its support of the Leicester Garment and Textile Workers Trust, for which it made a donation of 1.1 million pounds to support the organisation’s work of uplifting those in the garment industry.