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BoohooMAN launches first NFT collection

By Kristopher Fraser


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Image: boohooman.com

BoohooMAN has launched its first collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), making it one of the first fast-fashion brands to launch a digital collection. The products are now available for free.

NFTs are digital assets that belong to a person who has them in their crypto wallet. A record of value and ownership is stored on a blockchain ledger that anyone can view, but only the owner has permission to alter. BoohooMan’s NFTs are minted on the Ethereum blockchain, which is the second-largest blockchain after Bitcoin, and will be sent to the winners’ Ethereum wallet via OpenSea.

Following the success of their first augmented reality campaign last month, the global fashion brand is expanding further into the digital age by introducing the world to its newest venture through the ever-expanding Metaverse. In a collection of eight three-dimensional futuristic NFTs, BoohooMAN reimagines its apparel in the Metaverse, with a modern contemporary twist. You can now get your hands on one as BoohooMAN is giving away one NFT to eight randomly selected people.

In a statement, Samir Kamani, CEO of BoohooMAN, said, “Blockchain technology and NFTs are on the tip of everybody’s tongue and have been for quite some time. We have seen luxury brands flock to the Metaverse one after another, but we are yet to see any fashion brands in our market enter the space. At BoohooMAN we see a future for digital fashion. This collection is us dipping our toe into the vast and complex landscape of the Metaverse. This is our first experiment with non-fungible tokens, and we have great expectations for future NFT collections, collaborations, digital fashion pieces, games, and more.”