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C&A awarded Stop Slavery Award

By Vivian Hendriksz


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Fashion retailer C&C has been awarded the Stop Slavery Award by the Thomson Reuters Foundation at the 5th annual edition of its Trust Conference in London.

The award, which distinguishes companies which are taking concrete steps to eradicate bonded and forced labour from their supply chains, aims to highlight how businesses such as C&A can play a critical role in putting an end to slavery worldwide. C&A has been honoured for its 'best in class' practices, which demonstrate integrity and innovation in detecting, preventing and remediating forced labour in their supply chain.

Thomson Reuters Foundation added that C&A was given the Stop Slavery Award for "going beyond compliance standards in all categories." C&A was said to be "exemplary" for the transparency it used to address and resolve issues regarding forced labour found in its supply chain. The fashion retailer was also acknowledged for embedding anti-slavery measures into its overall business practice, according to the jury.

"We are very proud to receive recognition for our work but at the same time we humbly recognise that there is much more to be done to sustainably eliminate forced and bonded labour in the apparel value chain," said Jeffrey Hogue, Chief Sustainability Officer and Board Member C&A Foundation, who was present to receive the award at the Trust Conference.

C&A has incorporated forced and bonded labour guidelines into its supplier Code of Conduct, as well as its audit guidelines and protocols. These guidelines set standards for suppliers concerning legal compliance, labour practices, environmental performance and corporate governance and are carried out in 2,500 suppliers' factories annual.

"C&A works with suppliers with over one million workers across many countries worldwide – all deserving dignity and respect in their daily work and careers. Our customers expect high levels of social responsibility from us," added Hogue. "We have worked extensively to create high standards of practice in social compliance, however, we understand that collaboration with other brands, industry change makers like C&A Foundation, governments and civil society will be needed to implement impactful programmes tailored to the unique challenges in each specific country and region where apparel is sourced."

Photo: C&A, sustainability website