The Calida Group’s consolidated net sales in the first half declined 14.8 percent to 168.1 million Swiss francs (170.9 million dollars). Adjusted for currency effects, the reduction in net sales was 4.8 percent. Considering these developments, the Calida Group is expected to report a noticeably lower result for the current business year.

The Calida Group generates more than 75 percent of its net sales in the euro zone. The share of the Swiss franc in net sales is now a mere 15 percent. The Group’s operating result (EBIT) fell compared with the first half of the previous year by 5.7 million Swiss francs (5.79 million dollars) to 3.4 million Swiss francs (3.45 million dollars). Roughly two thirds of this decline has been attributed to currency influences.

The five Calida divisions were not all affected to the same extent by currency turbulences and consumption weakness. Once again, the Calida Division, the parent brand and also the largest division in the Group, proved to be very resilient. All of its 4.6 million Swiss francs (4.67 million dollars) reduction in net sales, down to 55.5 million Swiss francs (56.4 million dollars), because of the influence of the euro. At constant exchange rates, the decline in net sales was 1 percent.

The Millet Mountain Group with the brands Millet, Eider and Lafuma Outdoor, reported net sales of 36.8 million euros (40.5 million dollars) in the first half of 2015. Compared with the previous year, this corresponds to a fall of 11 percent, with the Millet and Eider brands achieving a slight increase in net sales, while the Lafuma Outdoor brand, continued its decline. The Aubade Division posted a 2 percent fall in net sales.

The Furniture Division posted a very positive development. Its business is not subject to any currency influences, since its products are both manufactured and sold in the euro zone. Comparing half year with half year, there was a 6.2 percent increase in net sales. The smallest division, Oxbow reported a 13.9 percent decline in net sales.

The operational integration of the Lafuma Group was completed during the first half of the year. Taking everything into consideration, it is to be assumed that the second half of 2015 will see a business development comparable with the first half and also higher profitability due to seasonal effects. In another development, Christian Haas is stepping down with immediate effect from the Calida board, of which he has been a member since spring 2014.


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