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Christina Aguilera joins sexual wellness brand Playground

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Playground by Eva Schwank; Playground co-founder and chief brand advisor Christina Aguilera, co-founder and chief executive officer Catherine Magee, and co-founder and chief product officer Sandy Vukovic

Playground, a sexual health and wellness company of water-based personal lubricants, has announced that Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Christina Aguilera is joining as co-founder and chief brand advisor.

The brand, which had a soft-launch last year, offers good-for-you intimacy products that aim to improve women's sexual pleasure and health. With six out of ten women struggling with arousal issues and sexual discomfort, Playground states that its FDA-approved intimacy products will help women invest more intentionally in their sexual experiences.

In her new role, Aguilera will work alongside Playground’s co-founder and chief executive Catherine Magee and co-founder and chief product officer Sandy Vukovic, to shed stigma around the discussion of sexual health and “further champion the brand’s mission to create an open dialogue around sexual wellness”.

Aguilera said in a statement: "I continue to encourage women to feel empowered while owning every aspect of themselves, and to treat sexual wellness as part of a regular self-care routine. The category has largely been driven by a male-dominated business model, with few products designed from inception for female-specific sexual pleasure and health needs.

“I'm thrilled to be part of a woman-owned business, and building a brand where women can recognise Playground as a product that is speaking to them with an informed perspective."

Christina Aguilera to champion sexual health as part of women's beauty self-care routines

Playground claims to offer the first and only FDA-approved personal lubricant featuring four unique ingredients - fermented bamboo extract, ashwagandha, horny goat weed and black cohosh. It adds that while others focus purely on lubrication, Playground products “hydrate, soothe and spark the libido with plant-based ingredients that are clean, vegan and free of harmful ingredients – it's like premium skincare for the vagina”.

Additionally, the brand claims to have the most sustainable packaging in the personal lubricant market with the bottle using 50 percent PCR and 100 percent recyclable packaging.

Commenting on Aguilera joining the brand, Magee added: "What's been missing in the overall health and wellness conversation is the role of sexual health. Christina is the perfect voice to champion female sexuality. She has always proudly embraced her sexuality and has been unafraid to share it with her fans through her music or her own voice.

“As Playground's chief brand advisor and co-founder, Christina has the platform to empower women to fully prioritise their sexual wellness."

The debut collection of Playground lubricants starts at 25 US dollars and features four unique experiences, including love sesh, after-hours, mini escape, and date night.

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