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Clarks makes its metaverse debut through Roblox

By Rachel Douglass



Image: Clarks x Roblox

Footwear specialist Clarks has taken its first steps into the digital landscape with the launch of an immersive experience through the metaverse platform, Roblox.

Created in partnership with metaverse development studio Melon, the Cicaverse experience celebrates the retailer’s unisex sneaker style, the Cica.

“We’re super excited to bring our iconic brand offering to the metaverse as Clarks is passionate about empowering kids and teens to be the best that they can be,” said Clarks’ global chief marketing and digital officer, Tara McRae, in a release.

McRae continued: “Roblox is all about understanding and enhancing people’s shared experiences, which is what made this feel like such a natural place for us to have a presence in. The Cicaverse is the perfect way that allows our early learners to explore, create, to learn and to play in a dedicated community space that they can call their own.”

“A natural place for us to have a presence in…”

Through the platform, users can visit the Clarks Stadium, where they receive a virtual pair of the popular silhouette for an online sports tournament. Participants can take part in games, such as BMX stunts, parkour and breakdancing, with each activation designed with help from the real-life athletes who aided in the development of the shoe style.

Young athletes featured in the game include UK breakdancer B-Girl Terra, UK parkour champion Robbie Griffith and BMX rider Connor Stitt.

B-Girl Terra, the 15-year-old breakdancer who is set to compete at the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics, said: “Roblox is a space me and my friends love to meet and have fun in, so to be able to create and have fun in, so to be able to create and see my own avatar in the Cicaverse wearing a sneaker that I love and had a hand in designing is just a dream come true.”

Winners of the games will receive a limited-edition gold Cica X Roblox medallion necklace that celebrates the brand’s heritage. The same necklace, in a limited number, will also be made in real life to be gifted worldwide, with further online games set to unlock this prize too.

Users will also be able to visit a virtual Clarks store, where they can purchase jumbo jet packs to sneakers with fire, all with the goal of helping their avatars stand out.

Clarks said there are more virtual experiences set to drop over the next year, including exclusive experiences and product drops for the Roblox universe.

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