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Coisne et Lambert acquires knit finisher TAD

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: TAD

Technical textiles group Coisne et Lambert, which includes TDV Industries and Klopman International, which specialise in technical fabrics for the professional clothing and PPE sector, have acquired French knit finisher Teintures et Apprêts Danjoux (TAD).

In a statement, Coisne et Lambert said that the acquisition would extend “the group’s textile know-how,” adding expertise in knitwear finishing, including dyeing, finishing and functionalities. A move it adds will allow the three companies “to develop synergies for the benefit of their common and specific markets”.

TAD, based in Le Coteau, France, specialises in the dyeing and finishing of knitted fabrics and has been in the market for more than 30 years. The company has a production site of 96,875 square feet and operates in the civil and administrative markets for technical textiles for professional clothing, medical, sport and apparel.

It also has a well-equipped research and development laboratory and responsive sampling and production processes, as well as being ISO 14001 certified to manage its environmental performance.

The integration will enable TAD to strengthen its services as a French finishing company “over the long term”.

Christophe Lambert, president of Coisne et Lambert, said: "The acquisition of TAD illustrates our desire to build a leading group in the field of technical textiles on the European and global markets. Our vision is industrial and long-term.

“TAD will keep the identity and the business model that have made this company successful on its markets for more than 30 years, and will belong to a solid family group. Our family group is pleased to welcome TAD, a company known for its operational excellence, its commercial proximity and the strong values forged by its founders Jean Louis and Jocelyne Danjoux, over many years."

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