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Consumers trust brand websites over social media

By Danielle Wightman-Stone

21 Jun 2022


Image: Squarespace
‘Shop window’ social media is not enough to lure new customers, as 8 in 10 British consumers trust a business with a website more than just social media.

A recent survey from Squarespace, conducted with YouGov, found that 79 percent of Brits agree that a business with a well-designed website is more credible than a business with just a ‘shop window’ social media page.

With 59 percent adding that they are more likely to repeat business with a well-designed or easy-to-use website, over one that isn't, while 44 percent of Brits said a brand’s website’s ease of use and aesthetic would encourage them to become a loyal customer.

The research also reveals that the pace of consumption in the UK has supposedly increased, as two in three (67 percent) Brits admit they would make an online purchase within a week of discovering a product they wanted, including 10 percent who would make a purchase almost instantly, and 18 percent who would take less than a day to make a purchase.

In addition, 70 percent of consumers are looking to support smaller, independent businesses more now than before the pandemic and these businesses need to consider their online presence.

Kinjil Mathur, chief marketing officer at Squarespace, said in a statement: “We found that the majority of Brits agree that a beautifully designed web presence is critical to evaluating the credibility of a business and that it influences their purchases.

“This is why it's important for creators and entrepreneurs seeking monetisation to establish an online presence that truly represents their brand.”