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Coronation to boost ‘made in Britain’ products

By Danielle Wightman-Stone


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Image: Official coronation emblem King Charles III

With the UK celebrating the first coronation of a monarch in almost seventy years next month, market intelligence agency Mintel states that the regal affair will drive demand for all things British, especially among the nation’s young.

Its research found that just under half (45 percent) of consumers say the coronation makes them feel more patriotic/proud to be British, with 35 percent of younger Millennials (aged 27-33) claiming that the royal event has made them want to buy more 'made in Britain' products, compared to an average of 29 percent of Brits.

According to Mintel, royal-inspired memorabilia such as mugs and tea towels is proving popular with the young, as 27 percent of under-35s plan to buy coronation-themed merchandise, compared to just one in ten (11 percent) of over-55s.

Francesca Smith, senior consumer and lifestyles analyst at Mintel Reports UK, said in a statement: “While there is a certain amount of apathy towards the coronation, Mintel expects Brand Britain to benefit from the big day, driven by an increased sense of patriotism among some Brits. With three in 10 Brits encouraged to buy more ‘made in Britain’ products, the buzz around the coronation is inspiring people to be proud of their British heritage and British goods.

“However, as money is tight for many and some celebrations will be muted, royal-themed merchandise still holds appeal as Brits look to commemorate the crowning of King Charles III with coronation souvenirs. The relatively affordable treats have captured the interest of young Brits in particular.”

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