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Cradle to cradle, investment and recycling: How Ralph Lauren wants to become more circular

By Ole Spötter


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Halide Alagöz at Copenhagen Fashion Summit | Image: FashionUnited

Ralph Lauren wants to manufacture products in a more responsible and circular way, part of which includes a focus on the cradle to cradle certification the US fashion company is introducing for certain products.

The first product to be certified with this more circular and responsible production standard will be a cashmere jumper, the company’s chief product and sustainability officer Halide Alagöz announced at the Global Fashion Summit in Copenhagen on June 7.

The cradle to cradle cashmere jumper is set to launch later this year. A total of five pieces are slated for certification by 2025. In addition, certain products will be made entirely from recycled cotton.

Ralph Lauren pushes circular economy

Ralph Lauren has committed to extending the life of its products by 2025. Part of this initiative includes the introduction of repair and recycling service at selected locations.

The company also plans to invest in innovative technologies such as that of start-up Natural Fiber Welding, which focuses on sustainable materials science. The Ralph Lauren Corporate Foundation has already supported the US Regenerative Cotton Fund.

Ralph Lauren's goal is to inspire the dream of a better life through perfect and timeless design, Alagöz said at the Global Fashion Summit. Even when the eponymous designer founded the label, timeless design was at the forefront. Now, by 2025, the circular economy is being integrated into the company's DNA, which the sustainability chief summarizes as “timeless”.

This article was originally published on FashionUnited.DE before being translated and edited into English

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