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Custom men's brand Knot Standard announces new funding

By Robyn Turk

17 Dec 2019


Knot Standard is continuing to grow. The seven-year-old custom menswear brand, which has been working on a strategic expansion plan that saw the opening of its tenth U.S. showroom this year, has now announced a major investment from Decathlon Capital Partners. The new funding will help Knot Standard to expand business even further.

Specifically, the funding will allow Knot Standard to expand into new geographic markets, open new showrooms and deliver its customer experience on a wider scale. Though neither party revealed the exact amount of Decathlon's investment, a press statement noted that it is a seven-figure number.

Offering a product range including everyday apparel like chinos and shirts to formalwear including suits and tuxedos, Knot Standard allows consumers to customize their clothing with a made-to-order service powered by technology. The company uses a team of personal stylists and tailors to help men create unique and individual wardrobes.

“Knot Standard operates in a high-margin industry with a huge competitive edge – there is virtually no inventory risk,” Decathlon’s John Borchers said in a statement. “Unlike retail fashion, Knot Standard clothing is custom made. There is no unsold clothing hanging on racks, waiting to go out of season. The company also has a solid business plan that puts them on a trajectory for expansion into new regions. We are pleased to provide the fuel for that growth.”

“Our proprietary and third-party data helps us understand and anticipate demand, both from our existing customers and prospects, who we can market to with great precision,” added Matt Mueller, co-founder and president of Knot Standard. “To reap the benefits of these insights, we wanted to partner with an investment team that could help us grow, and Decathlon was the perfect fit.”

Photo: Knot Standard Facebook