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CVC completes investment in BAPE

By Kristopher Fraser

3 Jun 2021


Image: bape.com

CVC, a private equity firm, has completed its investment in A Bathing Ape, best known as BAPE. BAPE recently split off as an independent company from its parent company I.T. Limited after it went private. The news was reported by Business of Fashion.

The size of CVC’s investment wasn’t disclosed, but they now have co-control of BAPE alongside Sham Kat Was, the co-founder and chairman of I.T. Limited. CVC is looking to expand BAPE in China, the United States, and Europe.

BAPE’s lines include A Bathing Ape, AAPE, Baby Milo, BAPE Black, and Mr Bathing Ape. The brand has developed a cult streetwear following ever since their launch in 1993.