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Delta Galil acquires lingerie brand Passionata from Chantelle Group

By Prachi Singh


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Credits: Image: Passionata via Facebook

Delta Galil Industries has announced the acquisition of Chantelle Group’s Passionata brand.

The Passionata brand will be led by Antonio Iandolo, president of Delta Textile France, the Eminence Group’s holding. The company said in a release that the brand will be managed by an international team based in France and will benefit from Delta Galil’s state-of-the-art back-office support.

"This is a unique and valuable addition to our global brand portfolio, as Passionata resonates so strongly with millennial women who are confident expressing their sensuality," said Isaac Dabah, CEO of Delta Galil Industries.

Global lingerie player Chantelle Group launched Passionata in 1988 and the brand is known for its fine lingerie. After getting recognition in France, the company added, the brand reached international prominence by 2000, especially in Germany, while its Passio line became a byword for daily comfort.

By 2012, Passionata had embraced a more playful, seductive image, solidifying its online presence and expanding its global footprint across all wholesale channels in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

"Our aim is to bolster our brands collaboratively, venture into fresh markets and categories, and enchant a newer clientele. Delta Galil will reinforce Passionata’s multicategory product offer, unique selling proposition and purpose by investing in marketing and elevating the brand’s e-commerce and in-store presence," added Guillaume Kretz, CEO of Chantelle Group.

The company further said that the transaction is expected to be finalised in January 2024.

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