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Delta Galil Industries acquires P.J. Salvage

By Sara Ehlers


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Los Angeles - An Israeli-based clothing company recently acquired women’s loungewear company P.J. Salvage.

The company recently acquired P.J. Salvage and will now add leisurewear and activewear to its list of apparel merchandise. In addition to the acquisition, all of the assets of Loomworks Apparel Inc., P.J. Salvage’s parent company, will also belong to Delta Galil Industries. The worldwide manufacturer includes labels such as Nearly Nude, Schiesser, Karen Neuburger and more.

P.J. Salvage and parent company are acquired by new manufacturer Delta Galil

P.J. Salvage is known for its chic, luxury fabrics with superior quality and innovative designs. The brand is highly popular for its pajama-based apparel and intimates. In acquiring the company, Delta Galil helps to seamlessly expand its range of apparel merchandise. “P.J. Salvage is one of the leading brands of fashionable pajamas, loungewear and intimates, with a style that transitions easily from nightwear to everyday wear, and is popular in key markets around the world,” said Isaac Dabah, chief executive officer of Delta Galil.

Last month, the brand also announced that it would be expanding more on a global spectrum. The company recently hired Emma Wessman to help bring in the corporate brand to other parts of the world. Wessman has a background for international distribution in the UK, Scandinavia, and Ireland. With the new acquisition, the company will still continue to expand. “Nothing changes. We are going to continue to operate as is,” Peter Burker, owner of P.J. Salvage, told Apparel News. The company still plans to grow on a global scale. “With Delta Galil, we see an international growth opportunity. They have offices and production facilities around the world, which will help leverage our brand and grow our product categories,” Burker told the publication.

Delta Galil helps P.J. Salvage brand to expand internationally

The purchased business deal became official at the end of July 2015 making both P.J. Salvage and Loomworks’ part of US subsidiary Delta Galil USA. It will be accretive to Delta’s earning. “The acquisition of this respected brand is a further step in the growth of our branded business, and we plan to build on this opportunity to expand P.J. Salvage in upper end retailers in the US and globally,” said Dabah.

Delta Galil Industries is a global manufacturer that was established in 1975. The company has been built on 40 years of excellence in manufacturing, marketing, and service. Delta Galil depends on leading apparel designers and retailers that help introduce new, innovative products and manufacturing solutions to help grow their market share. Their merchandise ranges from intimates, activewear, socks, children’s clothing, and babywear. The company has contributed to the success of Wal-Mart, Target, Marks & Spencer, Calvin Klein, Nike, and Victoria’s Secret. Delta Galil also sells its products under brand name licensed to the company such as Tommy Hilfiger, Lacoste, and others.

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