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Digital fashion brand House of Blueberry raises six million dollars

By Rachel Douglass


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Leah Ashe x House of Blueberry in Roblox. Image: House of Blueberry

House of Blueberry, a digital-first fashion brand, has announced a new seed funding of six million dollars, which it will use to secure its place as “the leading fashion house in the metaverse”.

In a statement to FashionUnited, the company said the financing would go towards expanding into new metaverse environments, of which it already operates in the likes of open-world platforms Roblox and Second Life.

The move comes as the brand looks to reach a broader audience in gaming and online communities, in areas that emphasise the importance of user-generated content and self-expression.

House of Blueberry added that it hopes the funding will accelerate this goal, as well as helping it to further focus on its mission of backing female design and aesthetic in a largely male-dominated tech industry.

It is also looking to grow its horizons in other product categories, such as accessories, make-up and environmental assets.

The company was founded in 2012 by Gizem ‘Mishi’ McDuff, who started out as an independent creator on Second Life.

Currently, the brand has sold over 20 million units of virtual clothing to date and has continued to stand by its belief that digital fashion is a driving force behind user identity.

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