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Dior names Olivier Bialobos deputy managing director

By Rachel Douglass


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The newly designed building of the new Dior store in Hamburg. Image: Dior

Luxury fashion house Dior has announced that its communications executive Olivier Bialobos has been promoted to the newly created role of deputy managing director in charge of global communication and image.

Bialobos will report to Delphine Arnault, who moved from Louis Vuitton in February to take over as chairman and CEO at Christian Dior Couture.

Arnault said in an internal announcement acquired by WWD: “I am delighted to be able to rely on Olivier’s great talent, expertise and commitment to accompany the house of Dior and its development in the coming years.”

In this position, Bialobos will continue to have an overview of all of the brand’s categories, including jewellery, fashion and beauty, in order to ensure a coherent identity throughout.

Prior to his promotion, Bialobos held the position of chief communication and image officer at the French brand, where he has resided for 17 years.

He initially joined Dior in 2006 when he immediately took on the brand’s global communications efforts.

Early in his career at the house he established Dior Héritage, an archive that allows the brand to stage exhibitions around the world, including its permanent Galerie Dior museum that sits alongside the Avenue Montaigne flagship.

Among his other contributions are that of various Dior events, the creation of an in-house magazine and heading the Dior Maison business unit, where he created table displays.