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Ebay introduces AI-powered ‘Shop the Look’ feature

By Rachel Douglass


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Ebay launches AI-powered Shop the Look feature. Credits: Ebay.

Resale marketplace Ebay has introduced a new feature to its app that provides customers with a personalised carousel of inspirational outfits tailored to their shopping history.

Dubbed ‘Shop the Look’, the generative AI-powered addition looks to speak to users’ style preferences through recommendations made of images and items that evolve alongside the consumer and current trends.

Each of the outfits are made up of new and pre-owned apparel and luxury items, providing shoppers with access to a “vast breadth of inventory and selection” in a model that aims to push products that could naturally integrate with a consumer’s existing wardrobe.

According to the platform, the launch is a “step deeper” into its commitment to innovation and personalisation, and akin to other AI-powered features was developed in collaboration with the company’s Responsible AI team and RAI Principles.

The ‘Shop the Look’ feature is already available for US and UK customers on Apple’s iOS, and will later be rolled out to Android phones later this year. It will appear on the homepage and fashion landing page of shoppers who have looked at over 10 fashion items in the past 180 days.

Ebay noted that it is exploring potential expansions into other categories with the goal of enhancing the feature via new personalisation elements over the next year.